Dirt Simple

by Compton Maddux

Players on DIRT SIMPLE include Allison Cornell (Shania Twain) on fiddle and vocals.  Bill Ruyle on hammer dulcimer and percussion. Gary Solomon on standup bass. John Moses on dobro and banjo. Steve Hardwick, Gil Paris and Pat Jones on electric guitars.  Joanna Lediger backing vocals. It was recorded live on a rainy night at Lenny Posts' studio in Blauvelt, N.Y.

An acoustic based blues-Appalachian weld along the lines of Allison Krause and Steve Earle. The material is peppered with humor and irony. Says Maddux, "I like to put sex and religion in close proximity and paint the America that I would like to exist..." Other contributing writers include Paul Jay and Eliot Osborn from the Outerspace Band.

Produced by Lenny Post and Compton Maddux

Recorded and mixed by Lenny Post at Hickory Studios, Blauvelt, NY

Artwork by Anna Gilbert

Mastered by Arthur Adams